Short Shelf


Shelf – Stainless Steel – SMALL

  • Manufactured using quality 304 stainless steel.
  • Has a three part assembly giving it great support and easy installation.
  • Features a French hem which delivers a smooth, safe edge and superior rigidity.
  • The small shelf is designed to fit across a System X vertical pegboard configuration but can be used for a horizontal installation as well.
  • Comes complete with 12 mounting screws.


  • The fasteners supplied are designed to be installed into the System X Pegboard only.
  • If the shelf is to be installed without a System X Pegboard, other fasteners will be required.
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DimensionsLength: 25.1in Width: 16.0in Height 11.2in
Recommended Maximum Load165lbs or 75kg
Weight10.3lbs or 4.7kg
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